De-Stress with some color therapy

The coloring book movement is still going strong for therapy and calming the mind.  I read an article recently on CNN about why coloring is good for you!  (you can read that article here if you like)

I personally have moods where I want to sit down and just color something!  When I was young I would lie on the floor with my crayons and get lost for hours.  These days I’m lucky to color one or two cards but I still enjoy it!

You may have overlooked this kit in the Stampin’ Up Occasions catalog but if you want to spend some time in ‘therapy’ that doesn’t cost $3oo an hour, try this instead!

Lots Of Happy Card Kit – All inclusive kit for $35

This kit makes 2o cards with cute, striped envelopes.  There is a 7 piece stamp set, a clear block for mounting the stamps, a small ink spot, 4 watercolor pencils, ribbon and all the cut pieces that are ready to color.  All you stamp are the greetings.

Let me show you how they look up close.  This one is a full sized card and I love the bold stripes with the vellum leaves that come in the kit, too.

In the video from Stampin’ Up, they used the watercolor pencils without an water so they have a soft, pretty look.  (see above right photo)

To make the coloring go a little quicker, I used a Blender Pen to pick up the color from my watercolor pencil and transfer the color that way.

I didn’t think the vellum leaves were needed but when you see the card in person, it’s a delicate addition that is sweet. The one below is a full sized card.

The next two cards below are too little to mail on their own but I’ve used them with a gift bag and I also mailed one inside a larger envelope! If you really wanted to make it bigger, you could mount directly to a regular sized card base.


The left one is about 2-3/4 4-3/4 and the right card is about 2″ x 3-1/2″.

This one is about 4-1/4″ square.

Here is the photopolymer stamp set that comes with the kit:

What is really nice is that Stampin’ Up has refill kits!  If you love it and want to make more, you can get just the refill for only $21 without the stamps and ink and pencils.

here is the video from the home office:

Want one?  Drop me an email or order online in my store. The links are below and so are the blender pens if you don’t have those yet!

Go color something!



Blender Pens

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6 Responses to De-Stress with some color therapy

  1. cottage5038 says:

    This is no. 1 on my list which is just about finalized.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this kit. It’s fun, it inclusive and it looks so much better in person.

  3. Catherine Miller says:

    Hi Linda,

    I’ve been playing with this kit on and off for the past few days. It’s relaxing to spend some time coloring while watching/listening to television. I’ve even used my other watercolor pencils to change up the colors a bit on the flowers. I don’t like the smaller “gift” sized cards as most all of my cards are mailed and need to be larger sized. I have taken some of the smaller card bases, cut them on the score line and used them for backround with the leaves and flowers, then adhered them to the 41/4 x 51/2 sized base. By adding my own card stock, I can also change up the colors a little and stretch this kit into much more than 20 cards. I love the stamp set which is rhe real reason I bought the kit in the first place. I’m having fun and stretching my brain to come up with creative ways to assemble these elements into full sized cards. I don’t always follow the stampin up directions…make that most of the time I start with their idea and change it to suit me. But then that’s what stampin up is all about, isn’t it? To inspire us to create?

    Cathy Miller

  4. Linda Heller says:

    Love that idea of changing up the colors!

  5. Linda Heller says:

    So much better in person for sure!

  6. Ginger Wirt says:

    Your presentation of this kit is beautiful. I have always found coloring, doodling, and creating very relaxing. All of what I think of as the Petal Passion type products are so versatile, beautiful and easy, I love them. Thanks for the examples and your terrific post.

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