Reserve Your Copy!

Hi all!

I’m updating my mailing lists and getting ready to send out new catalogs in May!  If you have placed a Stampin’ Up order with me in the last 6 months, I’ll automagically be sending you the new Annual catalog.  You only need to email me if your address has changed since you last ordered.

IF you have not ordered with me but plan to this coming year, email me to reserve a copy at this week.  I need to finalize my mailing by Friday!

(I know some of you are demonstrators so you will get your own free copy from Stampin’ Up along with your preorder in May of new things!)

It’s a beautiful catalog.

I’ve already picked out 12 sets that I must have.  I’ve picked out even more accessories and paper! That says a lot since I’ve been a demo over 18 years now and I’m loving some of the fresh, new artwork.

  Your copy of the new catalog should arrive by 3rd week of May and begins June 1st!

Go stamp something!



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1 Response to Reserve Your Copy!

  1. April says:

    So excited!!! I missed out on SAB but definitely have a lot of things I need and loved 😍💕❤️

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