A Potluck, an Opossum and Nature’s Beauty

I needed two special thank you cards for some nice volunteers!
We had our annual HOA potluck/town hall meeting yesterday here in our little NC neighborhood.   To get some more participation and members to our meeting, I invited 2 wonderful people from the NC Wildlife Commission to come and give a talk on our local wildlife.  Lisa and Jennifer brought a few ‘guests’ with them.

(photo by Kris Frey)

Hermione the opossum and Ella the white squirrel
(not an albino, but we get white ones around here:)

Hermione was a clear surprise to us all!
So mellow and sweet and SOFT.  I had no idea they were so soft.  They are the unsung heroes in our backyards, eating up 10,000 or more ticks a year to help us with diseases.  It’s also very rare they carry rabies because they body temp is very low and they are very clean.

Nature’s Beauty is a pretty stamp set in the Holiday catalog.
A portion of every sale goes toward mental health organizations in your area.  In the US , donations will be made to NAMI. (You can read more about NAMI on their blog HERE)

As our Stampin’ Up founder ,Shelli Gardener, mentions in her 2019 holiday catalog message, “The holidays can . . . present emotional challenges for some, and simply sharing a handmade card will brighten anyone’s day. However, in those cases where extra help is needed, Stampin’ Up! wants to lend a hand. To this end, we are donating a portion of each sale of the Nature’s Beauty s. “And remember,” as Shelli advises, “nurture your own wellness as you watch for those who may need additional love and support.” Together, we will make a difference.

I started with an Early Espresso card stock base, added a layer of wood grain designer paper and then used watercolor paper to stamp and color the main images.

Go stamp something!

and if you see an opossum, be kind:)


Coming on November 1st to Customers!
I just received mine and will start creating with it tomorrow. I’ll post 2 projects using it on Stamping School next Sunday, Oct 13.

You can download/view the flyer HERE

and if you’d like to see the Stampin’ Up video from the home office showing all the suite, see below:

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4 Responses to A Potluck, an Opossum and Nature’s Beauty

  1. lolaworel1239 says:

    My house sold in Dunedin FL. All my SU products will be in storage until I am able to buy and close on a condo in Clearwater FL. It was suggested to rent a POD for 4 weeks instead of renting a storage unit with A/C or climate control. Which storage should I use? Will my SU products be damaged if it is kept in a POD with no A/C or climate control. Thank you Linda for helping me with this move, Lola

  2. Linda Heller says:

    I would always suggest climate control, especially with paper curling due to humidity. Mold can be a problem on humid paper and ink pads. If it’s very short term but you have invested a lot into all your possessions, photos, etc. I’d splurge on the climate control. The higher bill helps you get out of there faster. Or ask a friend to store those special items.

  3. Denise M says:

    Great post Linda! Love your cards. Nature’s Beauty is my favorite stamp set. And fabulous idea to invite speakers to your meeting. Their guests are adorable. Never knew there were white squirrels. I would have been the first one there if I lived in your neighborhood! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sarah R says:

    Beautiful project Linda. What a great surprise in planning live animals for your neighbors. Thanks for sharing!

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