Christmas Rose Upcycled Bottles

We recently had a craft day in our neighborhood and we painted some bottles.
(Not sure why we all had so many empty wine and mead bottles:)
I threw some acrylic paint, gloves, Mod Podge and a hot glue gun in my bag and at the last minute grabbed some of the Christmas Rose designer paper.

My friend Jan has already spray painted this bottle with a cream speckled paint:

I cut out some of the flowers from the paper
and glued them on with the Mod Podge.

After adhering all the flowers, I lightly brushed some gold shimmer paint in long strokes over the whole bottle. I hot glued the twine, leaves and pine cones to make it more festive|
(thank you, Cathy for the pine cones!)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, the vintage look can be a hit or miss with me but in the end I like how it came out!

If you are feeling crafty today, check your designer paper scraps and the recycle bin
and see what you can create!

The Christmas Rose suite of products is available until the end of November
(you can see them all in my store HERE)

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5 Responses to Christmas Rose Upcycled Bottles

  1. I love it! I have crafted lighted bottles for a long time I am thinking ont of those lit up corks in the bottle might be great if it shines through the crackle paint.

  2. TIna Riddle says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Linda Heller says:

    Yes! I bought some wine bottle lights but the paint was too opaque on this particular bottle.

  4. Jeanne Henry says:

    This came out so pretty!! I’m going to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love it. My kind of project

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