Velvet paper is just a little extra texture, more warm fuzzies than regular paper but there are a few tricks to getting the ink to set. In this week’s video I’m showing some experiments, some that worked, some that didn’t:)
Also be sure to note my tip for how to put box together if you end up getting these!


Print/View Recipe PDF with measurements HERE


The Kraft boxes are nice, large size! 10 good safe boxes for $10. (Don’t Forget to take the protective film off of the window!)

I can fit about 5 regular A2 sized cards/Envelopes in the box for a nice gift!
(Card shown created by Janet Munden)


And yes, white squirrels are real! Not an albino but a recessive gene that causes some to be born white. They are like little unicorns around here a delight to see! My neighbor Stefan took this photo and gave it to me in a frame as a gift.


Here is my post from July using these cute squirrel stamps –

Stampin’ Up Shopping List

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