Hi Friends!
Birthdays…we all have them, right?

I remember how excited I was to finally hit the double digits when I turned 10 years old.
Then 16, 18 and 21 (which I really was robbed on that one because I had my wisdom teeth removed)
30 was still a good year!  Then the 40th celebration was the black balloons, over the hill banners….
50 was fantastic, wise enough to know we are lucky to be here and enjoying friends and family.
Now my next big party will be 65 I guess!

Matt and I both had birthdays this past week.
I’m grateful to be healthy, friends near and also across the miles.
Cards arrived in my mailbox almost daily over the last few weeks and that feeling of warmth, a smile when I see the return address and then the fun of opening each one to see what the sender created.  I treasure each one.
Each card is unique and special!
Instead of one project this week, I thought I’d share them all with you and hope you see a design or layout you’d like to try,
a new twist on a stamp set or paper you already have!

Oh, and be sure to watch at the end  – there is a really great book that is a MUST for cardmakers!
(Thank you Cindy for the book!)

Here is the the video!

Go Stamp Something!



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