Sometimes I avoid a cute, line art stamp set because I know it will be time consuming to color.
Stamps like these make it easy to just add a little bit and feel good about it!
It’s called North Pole Mischief,  $21  #159770

In this week’s video I’m showing how to use the Stampin’ Blends alcohol markers to add just enough color to not take an hour but still be super cute!




Another great example is looking at the sample below from Stampin’ Up’s concept artist.  Just the ears, tip of tail and feet have color!


I love the artwork and personality on the mischievous cat and the big eyes on the fish:)

White cards are so hard to photograph!

Bring out some of your Line art stamps and give it a try!


Shopping List 

Balmy Blue Stampin' Blends Combo Pack

Balmy Blue Stampin’ Blends Combo Pack

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