Hi friends, you hopefully saw my post yesterday about my email woes –  it stopped sending and receiving for 3 days.
Then early this morning things got worse.  My stamping school domain was hijacked and since my email was connected to that, all web things stopped working.   Good fun had by all today including the many hours on all sorts of support calls (and curse words)

My blog might disappear off and on while they figure things out, don’t worry it will hopefully be resolved soon.
In the big picture of life there are many worse things in the world although I do hope the hackers will get their bad karma one day.
Seems they like to steal domains and redirect them to illegal sites.
Can’t we all just use those techy powers for the good needed in the world?  gee whiz.

My weekly video will be postponed for tomorrow.
if you happen to see anything squirrely with my website, let me know if you see it before I do.

IF you need to email me, please use my alternate email  stampingschool@gmail.com until the good people in techy support get my regular email back working.

(yes, I’m having a glass of wine shortly)

as always, thanks to all my stamping friends who make me smile daily even when things are messy!




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