With the NEW Stampin’ Up Annual catalog just a few weeks away, it’s time to offer my shares!
Many of you have been participating in my shares for over a decade and I thank you!
It’s a fun way to try it all out, getting a little bit of everything for samples or to play with.

What are Product Shares?

A ‘share’ is sharing all the new Stampin’ Up products with others that order also.  For example, I will cut all the new designer papers into 6×6 pieces and I split it with 8 people. So you end up with a sample of the new designer papers in the new catalog to play with or use as samples! Anyone can join in the fun, customers and demonstrators welcome (demos on my team get a team discount)

You can choose from Designer papers, ribbons, accessories or get them all. See the choices below in my post.

To order, EMAIL ME at Linda@stampingschool.com
(don’t just hit reply to my blog email, it doesn’t always make it to me)
I’ll always reply back same day with a confirmation so if you don’t hear from me, be sure to send again to my email.

Shipping the shares to you is free as my gift to you for ordering with me!
I earn freebies for the large orders so it’s my way of sharing with you.

Be sure to RSVP by MAY 1st! 
I’ll send invoices beginning Tuesday, April 25th 

Here are all the options for you to choose from:

117 Sheets Annual Catalog New Designer Papers $45
see page 129-133 for photos  6×6 size
(6×12 sheets available for $90)

I package my shares in a clear acetate box with a description sheet included

12 sheets Bright & Beautiful
6 sheets Countryside Inn
12 sheets Delightfully Eclectic
6 sheets Earthen Elegance
6 sheets Fresh as a Daisy
10 sheets Glorious Gingham
12 sheets Inked Botanicals
6 sheets Let’s Go Fishing
6 sheets Les Shoppes
6 sheets Masterfully Made
6 sheets Stargazing
6 sheets Zoo Crew
3 sheets Gold Celebrations Specialty
3 sheets Holographic Trio Specialty
5 sheets White Center Specialty
2 sheets More Dazzle Specialty
5 sheets Soft Shimmer Specialty
5 sheets 2022-2024 In Color Textured Specialty
5 sheets 2023-202 In Color Luster Specialty


 60 Sheets In Color Paper Assortments (Monochromatic)  $25
Assorted patterns of stripes and polka dots  6×6 size

I don’t have a current photo of these yet as we didn’t get them in our pre-order.
Basically all the colors with white polka dots or stripes. see page 133 for photos

10 sheets 2022-2024 2 each of the 5 In Colors
10 sheets 2023-2025 2 each of the 5 In colors
10 sheets Regals 1 each of the 10 colors
10 sheets Subtles 1 each of the 10 colors
10 sheets Neutrals 1 each of the 10 colors
10 sheets Brights 1 each of the 10 colors


Annual Catalog New Ribbon Shares  $28
(There are 20 new ribbons total)

Ribbons are neatly bound in 6″ loops and packaged in with 2 ribbon cards as shown above.

2 yards White Herringbone Ribbon
3/8″ 2023-2023 In Color Textured Ribbons:
2 yards Wild Wheat
2 yards Copper Clay
2 yards Moody Mauve
2 yards Boho Blue
2 yards Pebbled Path
2 yards 3/8″ Misty Moonlight Inner Braid Ribbon
1 yard 1/2″ Pecan Pie Bordered Ribbon
3/8″ Sheer Combo Pack:
1 yard Lemon Lolly
1 yard Bubble Bath
1 yard Azure Afternoon
2 yards 1/4″ Lost Lagoon Bordered Ribbon
Ribbon Duo Combo Pack:
2 yards 1/8″ Lemon Lime Twist
2 1/4″ yards Petal Pink
2 yards 1/4″ Natural Wavy Trim
2023-2025 In Color Jute:
1 yard Boho blue
1 yard Copper Clay
1 yard Wild Wheat
1 yard Pebbled Path
1 yard Moody Mauve


Annual Catalog New Embellishment Shares  $24

see pages 139-141 for photos

For every 5 people, I can cut the embellishments into 5 sections creating the share.  

I’ll attach them to a large cardboard flat package with descriptions on the back. 

24 Sparkle Gems
30 Tinsel Gems 3 colors
32 Tinsel Gems 4 colors
36 Solid Gems
40 2022-2024 In Color Pearls
32 Ombre Matte Dots
30 2023-2025 In color Dots
32 Opaque Ovals
40 Neutral Sequins
60 Sequins Trio
5 In Color Treat Bags

Order $90 or more of my shares and choose a gift of the Iridescent Shaker Circles
OR the Loose Silver Sequins as a gift from me!  See page 139 for photos

Be sure to RSVP by April 30th
I’ll send invoices beginning Tuesday, April 25th 

To order, EMAIL ME at Linda@stampingschool.com
(don’t just hit reply to my blog email, it doesn’t always make it to me)
I’ll always respond back to you the same day on email with confirmation if I got it.

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