Hi Stampers!   A few weeks ago I uncovered a box of old blender pens that I have had for over 10 years!  As my blender pens started to get dried out (and the tips too mushy to color in details like the beaks of birds and little eyeballs) I replaced them with new ones.  Over and over again -now I have a box of 40 or so that have accumulated and remind me of how much I spent on just blender pens!

I’ve tried to refill my pens before but didn’t give it a real effort. It was too easy to buy new ones.  The refill recipe couldn’t work as well as a new pen – or could it?

These recipes have been around a long time with lots of different variations.  I pulled up several through searches on Google and found one that popped up over and over so that is what I used:

1/4 tsp. rubbing alcohol

2 tsp. glycerin

4 tsp. distilled water

For the experiment, I stamped a bird in black StazOn several times on watercolor cardstock and on whisper white cardstock.  Each bird represented a different coloring medium – Watercolor Crayon, marker, watercolor pencil, classic ink and pastels.  Then I colored each one with a refilled blender pen and then a new one.  (too much time on my hands or just obsessive…?)

Here are my “scientific” findings to answer the question for myself once and for all!  (and maybe it can help you to save your abandoned blender pens, too)

*A few days after making the video, I found out that submerging the pen barrel in the solution WAS too much.  I know, you told me but I just had to try it….!  Just put an 1/8 tsp inside the barrel and that’s it!)


(Song “Colour My World” by Petula Clark 1967)

Next week, I’ll debunk the many theories of embossing and static reduction!


p.s. Almost forgot!  Remember last week’s punching our soda cans to sharpen them?  Look what Marni Levett did using those punched out soda can pieces!


Clever girl!

You can check out more of Marni’s blog here!

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