HI Stampers!  This week I tested 7 different methods of keeping your embossing powders where we want them to be.  Isn’t it SO annoying when you put the finishing touch on a project by embossing a greeting and you get those little dots scattered around.  One of my stamping friends says that it just looks like fairy dust but I might not want leave that much happiness and joy on each and every card!

First of all, stampers know we aren’t supposed to over-handle our cards with our fingers.   Lotions, potions or just every day DNA can make the embossing powder stick to places on your card that you didn’t intend.  So for our experiment, I handled them more than usual to put the methods to the test.

Secondly, I used Night of Navy card stock and silver detail embossing powder, which is the worst offender in my opinion for stepping outside of the lines.  It is a true rebel, wanting to venture out to every corner on the card instead of stay on it’s intended Versamark track.

Upon an exhaustive Google search for embossing methods, I tested these “myths”:

1. Stampin’ Up Embossing Buddy (currently available from your SU demonstrator for 4.95).

2. Pledge dusting sheets

3.  Un-used Dryer Sheets

4.  Used Dryer Sheets

5.  Wax paper direct to paper rub

6. Static is a huge factor also, so I tested a method using wax paper to rock the powder back and forth to help de-magnetize the silver.  (Try not to emboss while in a carpeted room, some say…)

7.   Swiffer Sheets

My results were surprising! Watch the video and see which one actually worked the best.  My goal was an embossed image without the silvery haze, speckles or spots on the Navy card stock.

Here is the video!

**I received a few emails from some of you who are on dial up and can’t watch the video.  The winner, hands down, was the SU Embossing Buddy!  I was surprised how much better it worked than any of them.  The Swiffer cloth was a 2nd runner up.

Have ideas for next week’s Stampbusters?  Drop me an email!

Linda Heller