From Grrrrr to Great: Sizzlit and Folders

Josey from CA asked me for ideas to store Sizzlets.   I had them in a little basket and since they are all the same color, they are really tough to tell apart unless you take a close look at ’em!

I had some baseball card sleeves.  Years ago, demonstrators swapped Trading Cards at conventions.  Some rubber stamping conventions still do, but demonstrators have stepped away from those little works of art in the last few years.  So I cut out my sizzlet dies with some SU card stock  and glued them on the front of the pocket:


all images copyright Stampin' Up!

Of course, Sizzix has storage boxes you can buy:


Laurie in Lake Elmo, MN  shared this idea:  For the Cuttlebug folders I took my daughters empty makeup case. The top holds the plates and a couple folders, the bottom holds the rest of the collection.



I’m getting ready to leave for Hawaii in one week! Can’t believe it is almost here.   My friend Shantaie suprised me by sending me this cute lil’ package in the mail today!  Perfect shades of Hawaii pinks for my toes and pink flamingos.  Thanks so much Shantaie!  (Those flamingos are from Stampin’ Up about 5 years ago – I sure do miss ’em!) p.s.  She has a really cute blog so stop by and say hello.  It’s called Inking Pink

all images copyright Stampin' Up!


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3 Responses to From Grrrrr to Great: Sizzlit and Folders

  1. Jean Fitch says:

    Great Storage ideas. Can’t wait to add your link to my newsletter so more demo’s will see it.

    Thanks for sharing – Jean

  2. Claire Horvath says:

    Hope you have a most wonderful time in Hawaii!!!!! You deserve it. Take some pictures for us to see.

  3. Great organization tips and love the treat you received!

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