Matt and I are finally here in Hawaii! My Florida clock says 5:18 am but it is 11 pm here.

Matt’s wonderful Mom and Dad are in town from NH and volunteered to drive us to the Orlando airport at 5 am.   They brought us bagels and coffee, we had a nice breakfast and relaxing drive to the airport.  All was fine until we tried to check in and they said our connecting flight from LA to Hawaii was cancelled.

And that we probably would not arrive til the next day!  All I was thinking about was missing the Welcome Reception and my pillow gift that SU usually leaves us in the room each night.

We were able to get the last 2 seats on a later flight although we had to hang out at LAX for 5 hours.   At least we made it here while others still aren’t here and wont’ be until tomorrow because the flights were such a mess.

SU met us at the airport with flower leis – the real thing! The Waikola Hilton is AMAZING!  We think we have an ocean view off of our 4th floor terrace but we’ll know more in the morning since it is so dark. (the little dolphin is for sale from the hotel,not from SU but it was on the bed already)


A few odd things on the way here:  We rented a jeep (soft top to enjoy the breezes) and there were quite a few donkey crossing signs.  hmmmm

Also, we grabbed a quick sandwich at a little outside eatery.  There are little cats everywhere here! One little orange kitten was giving me that puss-in-boots face with her big eyes hoping for a nibble.  They are very skiddish, not tame at all.  I read in a book that Hawaii has no snakes on the island, so I imagine they need the cats to keep the mouse population down! (just my theory).

Stampin’ Up is giving us a breakfast in the morning and our one big meeting, General Session.  I’ll keep you posted of any important announcements they will let us share!


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