What a day!  I feel like we have lived through 3 full days in just one! It is only 8 pm here and my body is still on Florida time, 2:30 am.  This zone difference must take a while to get used to!  We left this morning at 7:00 am and just got back.  We’ll post pics tomorrow of our exciting day on the zip lines!

For those of you tuning in to see what happened on the Stampin’ Up scene, here are 2 gifts we received today:


Believe it or not, THIS cool box holds our make and take supplies!  On these trips, we don’t stamp all week as some might think.  It is truly a vacation and although we might meet up with friends to  brainstorm business ideas, there isn’t a whole lotta stampin’ going on.  There is an open house of sorts set up for us to go in and stamp our make & takes when we have time.

This was all the goodies inside: (except for the new stamp set which I can’t show you but I really, really like it)


Then we got back to our room to find this on our bed:


It is a gift wrapped up in tea leaves!

hawaii-tuesday-zip-mtakes-222 hawaii-tuesday-zip-mtakes-224

I don’t think I showed you our shirts and bags, did I?  I was SO exhausted last night I crashed.


Red for girls, Black / Khaki for guys.  there is a fun Stampin’ Up logo on the sleeve

The tote bag matches the wallet that was mailed to us before we left:



And Matt got one, too!

The displays went up today with samples that were submitted by Stampin’ Up and demonstrator acheivers here on the trip.  I wish the artist name was displayed along with the sample, but they aren’t.  If you recognize your artwork, just email me and I will put your name on it!

(ps – I did update the pics in the post below with the display pictures!)

For time and space issues, I am uploading as a gallery.  Click on the pic to see it in all it’s glory, full size!  I don’t have time now to show the stamp set names and details, but enjoy!

(all images copyright Stampin’ Up!)

One for me, one for Matt!

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