Boy Am I falling behind!  Our internet expired the day before we left Hawaii and I didn’t get to show you my last 2 gifts from Stampin’ Up!


This is a silver necklace created by a local artist in Hawaii.  It is such a thoughtful keepsake and I have worn it since.


These sarongs were delivered to our door also!  Some received pink like mine and some red.  I watched some videos on YouTube to figure out how to tie and wear it to the Luau that night but…it was So Wrong!  I looked like a sack of potatoes…


The Luau was fabulous! These adorable girls met us at the entry and gave us necklaces.


Stampin’ Up had grass huts set up with demonstrations of local foods and crafts.  This is the Poi Pounder – he showed us how the taro root becomes Poi.  (not very tasty but to each his own!)


Of course, the food was endless!


And the entertainment was spectacular and lasted for several hours!hawaii-tuesday-zip-mtakes-002

We will miss our view from our room but it is great to be home, too!


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