Hand Drawn

I had the Stampin’ Up set, Hand Drawn Bundle, and hadn’t touched it in 4 months.   It is on page 23 of our big catalog and is a L3 hostess set.  It has 4 stamps, DSP and rub-ons in chocolate and white.   I grabbed some sheets of Baja Breeze, some leftover pieces of white organza ribbon and the striped paper and made these in under an hour.  I’ll admit they aren’t works of art but it sure was fun to get a whole bunch done fast!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

All Images Copyright Stampin' Up!

Have you been a hostess lately?

I used to hesitate calling it a party since I was never one to host Tupperware, jewelry or candle parties.  I didn’t want to force my friends to buy from me and sit back while I get the free stuff!

I’ve changed my mind over the years as the at-home party business has grown.  Let’s face it – these companies offer superior products.  Tupperware is top notch with an amazing you-can-blow-it-up and STILL get a refund policy.  I had a necklace I bought 5 years ago from Premiere and the chain broke.  The necklace was long since retired and they still replaced it with something almost the same – no receipt!

Stampin’ Up is no exception – excellent quality, great value and you get a demonstrator to show you how to use all the stuff you buy!  The craft stores may be less expensive for some items, but try finding one of the clerks to come to your house and show you how to use it! (no dig to the clerks – they are awesome but can only help while you are there)

Having a free workshop or PARTY is loads of fun and you can earn free stamps like these with sales from your show.  It’s a win, win – your friends will learn how to rubber stamp and have a great time all at the same time.  YOU get to pick free goodies from the Stampin’ Up catalog!

If you are one of my local customers reading this, call me and get on my calendar to have a FREE workshop!   I’ll bring all the stamps and supplies, you provide the friends.  As a bonus this quarter, I’ll hand stamp all of your invitations to your friends!  There is a new mini catalog and a special, too!  Linda

If you are out of the state of Florida and need to find a demonstrator near you for your workshop, I know LOTS of good ones! You can email me or you can go to the Stampin’ Up website for the demonstrator locator.

Linda Heller

Maitland, FL



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8 Responses to Hand Drawn

  1. Laurie in Lake Elmo says:

    My friends don’t care for hosting parties at their homes so they let me know when they need supplies and ask me to host the party. I love having company so it works for everyone. And because we all stamp, we get to create more complex cards.

    With school ending in only a couple months and sports starting, now is a great time for a get together.

  2. Fran says:

    Those are very cheerful cards. I like the striped paper. I like the simplicity and they are happy looking. Great idea to scallop the striped paper.

  3. Debbi says:

    Great cards Linda, thanks for sharing.

  4. Talk about perfect timing! I just ordered this- I was wavering and almost chose a lesser level set because I just wasn’t sure if i’d use the hand drawn stamps as much as some others, but I decided I just couldn’t pass up the chance for the level 3 product so I went for it & it’s on it’s way to me now. thanks so much for the inspiration! I love the fresh & happy look of your cards! TFS 🙂

  5. Dawn N says:

    Linda! These are simple and clean, DELIGHTFUL works of art! A “simple” and quick card is often more difficult to create than one with tons of bells and whistles. I think your samples are great and the fact that they are quick and easy, makes the whole pkg even more attractive. Thanks for sharing these gems 🙂

  6. MaryJo says:

    These are so cute. This is strange but I had a class last night and could choose a level 3 and picked this one, even though I already have one!! Now I need to get busy and make some “happy” cards!! Thanks for the push!!

  7. Christine says:

    I would be happy to swap a card for that card on the top with the owl on it! I ended up getting the goody gum drops set and keep wishing I would have gotten the one you have instead . If you would be interested in a swapping please email me.. Thank you! from hawaii

  8. Trish Scogin says:

    I’d like for you to come to Dallas and do my party for me! It’s not really that far, is it?

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