Video: Acrylic Block Sizing Templates

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At the beginning of January, I told you about Stampin’ Up’s new option to mount  rubber stamps.   They are not getting rid of the wood blocks but offering another option for those that prefer the space saving solution of clear blocks.  We are not selling clear stamps but rather a clever way to mount the rubber temporarily to a clear block and then remove to store in a slim, DVD type cases.   SU will be offering the new clear mounts and well as wood mounted for all new stamps coming out.

So after having a workshop recently and lugging all 9 clear blocks along so my customers could decide which size works the best for the stamp set they are considering,  I realized I do not want to bring them all with me each time!

All the sizes for the blocks are listed on page 6 of the Occasions Mini Catalog.    I grabbed some clear Window Sheets (or you can use transparencies I guess, as long as they are sturdy) and cut all 9 sizes and wrote the letter with a Sharpie then put them on a key ring.  This way I can take them to events or have them at my classes and customers can just hold them over images in the catalog to help purchase the right size!

See a quick video:

And in case you missed it, here is a quick video for how to put our new rubber stamps on the clear blocks:

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6 Responses to Video: Acrylic Block Sizing Templates

  1. GREAT video! I have been a SU fan for about 5 years now and when all the clear acrylcs started hitting the scene, I had hoped my stamp company’ would get with it! Yet, I love my red rubber and the superior stamp images… I love Clings! I have some ordered and am so excited! Can’t wait!!!

    And I learned some new things from this video:
    1. LOVE that the spine has the name and images! Genius!
    2. My stamp scrubber… Hey! I’m lifting the ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ idea to write on it in permanent ink which is which! Lightbulb:)

  2. Deneane Charles says:

    Wwo!! I so appreciate you and your blog. Because I am unable to go to the big events anymore, you have kept me so in the loop on things. Thank you!!!!


  3. What a great idea, Linda !!!!

    Thanks for sharing !!!

    It was great meeting you at Leadership/Regionals and I look forward to seeing you on cruise !

    Take care.
    Big Hugs
    Corinne (aka Roxy)

  4. Lisa Starbuck says:

    Creating templates for the block sizes is a fabulous idea. I’m so glad you mentioned it!!! Thank you.

  5. Pat Turner says:

    Love your video on mounting clear stamps. It was great and greatly appreciated.

  6. lindastamps says:

    Thanks, Pat! I’m enjoying them more than I thought I would. They stamp really nice.


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