I’m jumping up and down and the Fed EX man is looking at me like I have 3 heads!  I just got my box from Stampin’ Up that has my travels docs in it for the Stampin’ Up Southern Caribbean cruise!   I’m so grateful to have earned it because of my fun customers and promotions in my downline.   Matt and I will be going in early to Puerto Rico in just a week to spend a few days there and then on the ship!  (and by the way, if you know of a good sea sickness cure other than wristbands, ginger or patches, please leave me a comment! I get SO seasick but wouldn’t miss it for the world!)

Here is what was inside the Fed Ex box!  Stampin’ Up has the best presentation for the ordinary itinerary papers:

A shiny, patent leather teal wallet that holds our tickets and info!  And inside

filled with luggage tags and tropical fabric that looks just like designer paper that is coming out in the Summer Mini Catalog!

How did they know Taken With Teal is one of my favorite colors?!  The embossed luggage tags are going to get a lot of use beyond this trip.

I’ll try to keep you posted with our activities while I’m on the ship – let you know my plan for how I’m going to do that soon! Linda

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