Something FABULOUS On My Doorstep!

I’m jumping up and down and the Fed EX man is looking at me like I have 3 heads!  I just got my box from Stampin’ Up that has my travels docs in it for the Stampin’ Up Southern Caribbean cruise!   I’m so grateful to have earned it because of my fun customers and promotions in my downline.   Matt and I will be going in early to Puerto Rico in just a week to spend a few days there and then on the ship!  (and by the way, if you know of a good sea sickness cure other than wristbands, ginger or patches, please leave me a comment! I get SO seasick but wouldn’t miss it for the world!)

Here is what was inside the Fed Ex box!  Stampin’ Up has the best presentation for the ordinary itinerary papers:

A shiny, patent leather teal wallet that holds our tickets and info!  And inside

filled with luggage tags and tropical fabric that looks just like designer paper that is coming out in the Summer Mini Catalog!

How did they know Taken With Teal is one of my favorite colors?!  The embossed luggage tags are going to get a lot of use beyond this trip.

I’ll try to keep you posted with our activities while I’m on the ship – let you know my plan for how I’m going to do that soon! Linda

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19 Responses to Something FABULOUS On My Doorstep!

  1. Patt Sandifer says:

    Wow is this exciting, freah new colors! They look great!. Always good to keep up with the times.

  2. Darlene says:

    How exciting!!! You deserve it!!

  3. Toni Ballesteros says:

    I know you are thrilled your goodies are in that print and color–I remember you oohing over that paper and stamp set that will be coming out in the mini! Yippee–Wish I could stow away in your luggage (tho not too sure Matt would be thrilled {snicker})

  4. Linda….Get Bonine we used it on our cruise and we were the only ones there that weren’t sea sick. You take it every morning of the cruise before you even get out of bed….then entire family took it and on the way back we were in a storm and the ship was really rocking and we weren’t sick at all! CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE TRIP YOU ARE SO VERY LUCKY!!!!

  5. KreatesKards says:

    Linda, I am so excited for you. What a great opportunity. We’ve been on 10 cruises and absolutely LOVE cruising. Here’s some suggestions:

    1. Get over the counter sea sickness meds. You take 1 at night (they make you sleepy). When you take these tho you can’t drink any alcohol.

    2. Take ginger capsules daily. DO NOT use the remedy if on any type of blood thinner as it will thin your blood even more.

    3. Bio-Bands. My mom swore by these. They were the only thing that ever worked for her. You can buy them on or thru the retailer:

    If time is an issue, many maternity shops carry the bio-bands too. Normally you can find them on-board the ship in the gift shop, but the gift shop won’t open until you are out to sea. The bio-band brand is the only one that we have seen that is adjustable. Also the bio-band is only needed on one wrist whereas other brands you wear it on both wrists.

    Mom always put it on an hour before she left for the airport , left it on 24 hours a day, then removed it 24 hours after she got home. The bio-band works from acupressure … no drugs involved.

    Have a wonderful cruise.


  6. KreatesKards says:

    Forgot to add … the new ships are made so that you feel very little movement. We’ve only been seasick once and only for a couple of hours … just didn’t feel well, not really sick. We’ve never done the meds or the bands (but I always carry both with us).

    One tip that was given to us and really helped was to buy a small box of plain saltines. Put them on the nightstand and eat a couple of crackers in the morning or at the point of feeling queasy. They seem to help settle the stomach. This we have used and it worked well the one time we were seasick.

  7. Kim P says:

    Hi Linda,

    Congrats in the cruise!! Jealous!!

    As for the sea sickness, My real job is I’m a medical tech in the Canadian Navy and see tons of sea sickness everyday!! Some advice I have: I agree with the 1st comment, Bonamine (this is what it’s called in Canada) It works great for mild sea sickness. For chronic sea sickness we use Scoploimine Patches (Transdrem Patch, this is it’s name Canada) If use as directed on the box you shouldn’t have any problems with it! We use it alot for the Chronic’s and it works well, they can at least function in the boats. Gravol also has a 100mg slow release (SR) tabs and it works really good too!! Some sleepyness to it but that’s what I use when we sail down to the US! Rough Atlantic…lol….

    Some of the guys on the boats always eat dry salted crackers as well. This helps with your electrolytes and will keep your stomach full….believe it or not but it helps to keep it full!! & You can carry the individual wrapped ones in your purse or beach bag!!

    Hope this helps, I see you have others advise, since I see it so much I figured I would give you my 2 cents worth!!

    Have a great trip
    Kim 😀

    Hope this info

  8. Kim P says:

    oops please ignore the “Hope this info” forgot to erase that!! My Bad!!

    Kim 😀

  9. elizabeth says:

    How exciting! Such a pretty ticket pack. I bet you can’t wait!!!

  10. Jen says:

    I just bought Canada Peppermints at CVS this morning and the lady in the pharmacy said her mom used to keep them in the car for her motion sickness. I wonder if they would work for you too? My dad used to keep them in his truck when I was a child. The only place I know of that still sells them is CVS. They are in a hanging bag what is red, black and clear and cost $0.99 (in northern Indiana). They are large, white minds that look like Altoids on steroids.

    Enjoy your cruise! Stampin Up sure does a great job of setting the mood with all the goodies and color/pattern choices for your freebies!

  11. lindastamps says:

    I will certainly p/u a bag just in case they work!

  12. lindastamps says:

    I haven’t even started to really think about it too much yet! Guess I better start shopping and losing that 20 pounds hee hee

  13. Simmy says:

    Congrats on earning the cruise. You will have a fabulous time. I am cruising the Caribbean in July … but that’s not as fun as earning it for FREE !!!

    I am a horribly motion sick type person, too. I even make myself sick when I am driving my own car !!!! Anyhow, I always take a Bonine (chewable, and only take once every 24 hours) when we cruise (we go every year) even if I don’t think I need it. I just like to have it in my system just in case. They don’t make you sleepy either … and they taste like baby aspirin LOL Yum. hahaha.

    Have fun.

  14. lindastamps says:

    mmmm! I love the taste of baby asprin! Several have suggested Bonine so I’ll pick some up with some of the other meds, too!


  15. Tammi says:

    I hate motion sickness… and I use peppermint lifesavers and the best thing I have found were acupuncture “to go” needles from my accupuncturist… they were awesome….

    good luck on the cruise.. one day I am gonna earn a cruise… I keep trying!

  16. Shantaie says:

    yipeeee!!!! Im so excited for you and Matt!!!

    Oh how I love that travel wallet……I cant wait to hear all about your trip,
    do you need a pre-vacation shopping buddy??? Im there 🙂 the pedicure is on me!

  17. Lisa McConnell says:

    Do not leave home with that Bonine. I used bands, patches, mints…if it worked it made me so sleepy I still didn’t enjoy the cruises. Bonine was the only one that worked without making me drowsy.

  18. lindastamps says:

    Ok! I’ll pick it up for sure. Thanks so much!!


  19. April says:

    Hi! I get car sick, air sick, etc. I use just plain meclazine, which is the main ingredient in Bonine and other motion sickness meds. You usually have to ask the pharmacist for it, but you don’t need a prescription. Has made a huge difference in my traveling!!

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