Stampin’ Up Cruise – Pre Vacation!

Hola!  Matt and I landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this  morning at 10:30.  I couldn’t get over how HOT it is here and the humidity is off the charts! (and we are Floridians who know how to handle the wet air!)   Other than the heat, it is very pretty here.   We came in a few days early to enjoy the sights before setting sail on the Adventure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean ship, to the Southern Caribbean.    I’m grateful to have earned this trip again this year and look forward to seeing what Stampin’ Up has in store for us.  They certainly know how to put on an event!

We set sail on Sunday!  I get seasick so I asked many of you what to take and I picked up a mini drug store to try.  This morning I took a Bonine and I’ve been sleepy all day!  As soon as we got to the hotel and I just collapsed on the bed and I was out cold.   I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I’ve got to get this under control before we sail.   There is a midnight stamping time for a few make and takes, so I’ve got to be awake for that!

I’ll be updating the blog with stampin’ updates when possible.  I may post several, smaller posts a day with my phone – quicker than having to do it all at night.   We have a Facebook page for Stamping School and I may use that since it is a quick way to fill you in. (sign up on the right sidebar for  that)  Matt will be updating his page (see tab up top for Matt) for all the personal stuff if you’d like to tag along on our adventures!  We did see quite a bit today already and more tomorrow.   We are already seeing other demonstrators here who came in early so it will be a fun day!

Sea ya!  Linda

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3 Responses to Stampin’ Up Cruise – Pre Vacation!

  1. shantaie says:

    I hope you have a great time, and are awake more than you are asleep!!! You have adventures awaiting 🙂
    I look forward to all the updates, can you type while you’re sipping on mojitos in the balmy gorgeous Caribbean? Its a dirty rotten job….but somebody’s got to do it!

  2. sherrill graff says:

    Linda Heller, You just won $100 in Free Stampin Up merchandise
    check out our Late Night Stamper pre convention posts to see the details

  3. Simmy says:

    Surprised that the Bonine made you sleepy. They are supposed to be non-drowsy. I take them all the time (cruises, airplane, amusement parks, and when my husband drives LOL). Did you get the chewable kind??? Try taking just 1 tablet instead of 2. Hope you find the right remedy to make you comfortable.

    Have a FANTASTIC time. I look forward to seeing updates 🙂

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