Stampin’ Up Pre-Cruise Day 2

Matt and I are still in San Juan today to see some of the sights before getting on the ship for the Stampin’ Up cruise.   We had a great time today hanging out with Jan Burnett and her fun hubby, Darryl.   We had signed up for a rainforest tour, drove an hour in a van, only to find out that the rainforest had been closed for the first time ever!  Apparently a landslide had occurred 20 minutes before we arrived.   So change of plans and the driver offered another tour of something completely different!  For those of you that like to keep up with our non-stamping sightseeing, Matt will finish the rest of the story on his  page here. 

We all caught up with Deb and Kevin Valder and had a fabulous dinner at Cafe Del Angel.   I love Mofongo, a Puerto Rican dish with plantains.  Yum!  Anyway, I was sad to hear Deb’s good friend, Sue Hyer, couldn’t make it this year BUT she was with us…well, sort of:

Deb had a little cutout of Sue so she wouldn’t miss anything.  Sue, we miss you and hope you enjoyed the  virtual Pina colada!

For those that love stamping, I’m sharing a beautiful gift I received from my good friend, Connie Hobbs.   She turned an ordinary candle container into something so pretty to look at! 


Here is a close up of the lid that she spruced up using the Sizzix Daisy Die.

We board the ship around 2 or 3 pm so I won’t post again til after the muster and getting settled.   

Have fun and take time to stamp something today!


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3 Responses to Stampin’ Up Pre-Cruise Day 2

  1. Connie Hobbs says:

    Linda, I hope that you and Matt have a wonderful time on your cruise. Sounds like you’re off to a fun start!! I was so pleasantly surprised to see my gift featured on your blog. Fun stuff.

  2. shantaie says:

    OMGosh, that cutout is a scream!!!
    so much more realistic than our family paper plate with a face drawn on it, to substitute when a family member is missing from a photo!!!

    Connies candle is gorgoues!!!

  3. Mary Beth West says:

    So sad to hear you couldn’t visit the rain forest! It is so beautiful and like to other park you have ever seen! You can even hold rare tiny green parrots. Maybe next trip!
    Mary Beth
    San Diego

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