North, To Alaska!

Matt and I are heading to Alaska with Stampin’ Up this week!  I am really excited about this trip.  Colder weather (great for this hot flashin’ woman) and whales and bald eagles and moose and grizzlies…seriously, I’m in danger of becoming a permanent resident.

I’m so grateful to my faithful customers and downline who helped me earn this trip! 

I’ll be posting when internet permits and  Stampin’ Up has said we can show our completed make and takes so I’ll be sure to take pics of those.

A few weeks ago I received my travel info and luggage tags from SU.  I always look for clues to upcoming new stamp sets in the design of the wallet:

Ok, over the top cute!  A rubber stamps sewn onto the front cover! 

There are 4 of these tags, and the bird is really whimsical…maybe he will be in the new catty in July?

And the inside with the itinerary and things to read on the plane!

On with the wrist bands, the Bonine, and green apples! (i get sea sick but this will be worth it!)


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9 Responses to North, To Alaska!

  1. Gail McMillan says:

    Have a wonderful trip and I will be looking forward to seeing your new projects on Stamping School.

  2. Susan says:

    have a lovely trip & thanks for sharing a bit of the cruise, before you’re into the open waters.

  3. Nancy says:

    Have a great time. You earned it. Keep the pictures coming.

  4. Terri Tosh says:

    Have a wonderful trip!
    Can’t wait to see all the goodies that you can share!
    Thank you!

  5. Jann Schott says:

    Better than Bonine, try those wrist pressure point bands. Drugstores carry them, and they are drug free. They REALLY work!! You can even shower with them on, if the seas are rough!

    FWIW when I traveled via a cruise ship roundtrip Seattle/Alaska, the seas were very calm (towards the end of July.) Now going across the Pacific ocean to Hawaii and back—THAT was a rough crossing. Wrist bands REALLY came in handy for THAT cruise!!

    Bon Voyage and have a most wonderful time!!

  6. lindastamps says:

    Thanks, Jann! I found one band from last year’s trip. (can’t find the other!) Last year I tried it all since it was rough. Hoping this year is smooth sailing!

    Linda Heller Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, Executive 407-767-6971 or toll free 1-866-460-4902 My Stampin’ Blog: Stamping School!

  7. Simmy says:

    Have a wonderful trip. Alaska is beautiful. You will love it !! The water thru the passage is smooth, too, so you shouldn’t have any problems with motion sickness. I am the Queen of nausea and motion sick and I was totally fine.

  8. Charley McKelvy says:

    Michigan is between Florida and Alaska. Can you drop in for a visit? Or bring us a grizzly bear for our cat to tame. Have a great trip, you two. We miss you!!!! Charley & Natalie

  9. lindastamps says:

    That is really great news!!

    Linda (Pardon any auto correct typos- sent from my iPhone)

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