Pre-Cruise Seattle

We landed in Seattle yesterday for a few days of sight seeing. There are LOTS of hills here and I’m realizing how outta shape my legs are!

We visited the famous Gum Wall (yes gross but it didn’t stop me from leaving my big wad of bubble gum there). Pike’s Fish Market with the famous fish throwing guys and flower market.
The big brass pig is Rachel and she collects around 6k a year for charity!

Not much stamping yet but my good friend, Jan Burnett, made me this adorable ring out of our buttons and brads!

I’m posting from my phone so the pics may be jumbled at the bottom!






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5 Responses to Pre-Cruise Seattle

  1. says:

    Brings back memories! I was there about 5 years ago with my sisters. We did the Alaska cruise. You are in for such a treat!!! Take care of Jan! She’s my upline and I love her dearly!!!

  2. Jann Schott says:

    *IF* you have the time, see about taking the Seattle ‘bus’ tour. My mom and I did that in 2004. It was an all day adventure, riding around the ‘best spots’ of Seattle in a really comfy van, and our luggage was delivered to the ship while we were sight-seeing!! It was worth EVERY penny! I got some great pictures…if you do this, sit in the BACK of the van/bus because you’ll have 2 windows to shoot pictures from! 😉

    ENJOY! Your comments are bringing back some awesome memories!!!

  3. Great pictures, Linda! I love the ring…so fun!
    Have a wonderful cruise!

  4. Charley McKelvy says:

    Linda, You are going to have to add a travel page to your blog. Great photos of you and Matt at Pike Street Market. Did the crab bite you? Charley

  5. lindastamps says:

    No but it sure was stinky! The guy said “just wipe your fingers on my shirt!” so I did. eeew.

    Linda (Pardon any auto correct typos- sent from my iPhone)

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