PJ’s and Swaps!

The tables have been littered with swaps since I have arrived. I think 1/2 of us didn’t quite finish since we needed to stamp 125 card fronts!
I had some help today (thank you Karen, Deb and Kristin) gluing mine together. So our labor of love comes down to this great night when we put on our Jammies, form a line an swap.

Before the swap, we got our brains in gear with a business share and soaked in all those tips from the Top 100 demonstrators. I can hardly write fast enough!

pics below are my highlights from the night from great friends (Deb, Patsy and Jan, you guys are the best) amazing cake and my bag FULL of swaps!

The bird swap is Shelli’s swap and she was sitting at the end of the line, signing her card for each person. (and the crown was a gift for her upcoming 50 bday)

The beautiful notebook and pen were gifts tonight from SU also, coordinating with our new stamp set. (I can’t write in it yet- too pretty!

Hope you find time to stamp today!!

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3 Responses to PJ’s and Swaps!

  1. as always I follow your blog religiously, esp. when you’re at F.C……the pictures tell a great story; TFS

  2. Thank you for always giving us aspiring future Founder’s circle members a sneak peak into your wonderful trips! I can’t wait until I am there with you all one day! I live just up the coast from you in Daytona and have followed your blog since I began 5 yrs ago. Thanks for being a great leader. I appreciate all the hard work and posting.

    Have a blast!!

  3. lindastamps says:

    Thanks, Whitney! That’s a nice thing to say. I hope I can keep it up and be there next year!

    Linda (Pardon any auto correct typos- sent from my iPhone)

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