Today we hopped on buses for a 2 hour ride to Kanab, where Stampin’ Up has their manufacturing plant. (different from their distribution bldg)
it’s a little bit top secret and no cameras allowed but we were split up in groups of 9 or 10 for private tours. As many times as I have been able to visit, I still see new things and amazed at how clean it is!

The bus ride is so much more fun with friends. Thanks to Stella for helping the time go by quickly with great conversation!

as we arrived, all the employees were waving and holding welcome signs!
We watched to whole process to make our stamps, from the graphics to the label making, the Die Knife Design that creates the dies to cut our rubber so we don’t have to anymore (yay!) to the burn room (hot hot!) and then the packaging. A whole lotta love goes into making our stamps. we had a Q&A with the Mgmt team of production.

we even got a new stamp set fresh off the line!

Next stop was at Kanab City Park!
SU recycles all the rubber and donates it to this park for the playground.

we had lunch (see Patsy below with our cute new lunch baskets!) and played in the rubber! Lunch was wonderful and complete with a pretty napkin in our basket.

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