Holiday Mini Catalog Carryover Items

It’s FINALLY here – the Stampin’ Up carryover list for the Holiday Mini catalog which ends soon.  I was wondering if the Silver Glimmer paper would be carrying over since everyone loves it and it is! 

The stamps can pop up again in the new catalog (some, but not all) but the Stocking Punch will NOT be in the new catalog so get that before it’s gone for good or pay 4x the price on Ebay later…:)

If there is anything left on your wish list from the Holiday Mini that you didn’t get, email or call me or place your order online before January 3rd.  Here is the list below and if you want to print a copy, click HERE to download the PDF

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2 Responses to Holiday Mini Catalog Carryover Items

  1. Happy New Year and thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging in January 2011! Charley

  2. it’s been so fun to read your posts, Charley! Happy New Year to you and Natalie..Linda

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