Here at the Heller house in New Hampshire, the presents have been unwrapped, batteries placed in the appropriate toys, and lots of  happy, warm memories can fill our scrapbooks.  I was hoping for a little bit of snow falling on me but I see it on my shoes when I walk outside so that’ll have to do.  I love the nippy weather and can wear my fluffy winter coat at least this week and  then back to Florida where it will go back into the closet.

Gift from Debra LaFountaine

Each year my team can participate in a  hand made gift exchange when we get together in December.   It’s optional and almost everyone takes part.  Everyone   stands in a circle while I read my version of  Lefty, the stamping elf.  All kinds of gifts are passed left and right as my story says Left and Right until it stops and the gift in your hand is yours to keep!

Here are a few, but not all, gifts passed that day.  Since most did not put their name on the gifts they passed, most are unknown. (If you made something and are reading this, just email me and I can post your name with it)

 Debra LaFountaine made this magnetic bingo game and fabric pouch!
Gorgeous stamped candle by Terri Tosh
I love this frame and asked Trish Niedergesis to make me one, too!
SEW sweet! stamper unknown
I saw this beauty pass by several times during our left/right poem!  Seamstress/stamper Connie Hobbs
Wanda Smith made an adorable lampshade out of the new Rosette Die!  She said she saw the shape as she was putting her rosette together and discovered a lampshade instead!
Cathy Wirt said she used liquid floor polish, swirled around inside the ornament, to act as a glue for the glitter to stick!  Love it!
 Gorgeous lattice ornament by Emily Turner – I really wanted to take it out of the package to get a good pic but it wasn’t mine so…
stamper unknown – this  ornament is just cute as can be but my pic not so great 🙁
 Amanda Hartley – love the extra effort of clear embossed dots on her box!
stamper unknown – nice photo holder with decorated block
 stamper unknown but so cool with all the paper accordian layers!
stamper unknown – love the soda can buckle!
That’s it for today!  Have to pack up the suitcases and start thinking about heading back to the warmer weather in FL!

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