Founders Day 2 Make and Takes

Having a hotel room all to myself feels a bit strange but I managed to sleep in and then saunter down to the breakfast buffet by 8 am. Matt will be surprised that I skipped the waffle maker this morning but I’m still full from dinner last night!


They expanded our hospitality room today! They take down the walls and then add a lots of sofas and chairs for us to lounge around in.


We can work on or make & takes any time today or tomorrow at our leisure. There is a display board with our projects, which I’m allowed to share with you since they are completed projects (can’t show the raw product like sets that are not available until next Occasions catalog)

I don’t have any details yet on what the techniques are or how the projects are put together since I have not made them yet. But I’ll share ’em with you for your visual enjoyment!

***update! These are NOT our projects, just samples using our new set. We actually are making a whole 8×8 scrapbook! More later 🙂











Tonight is our pajama party and share night. It’s my favorite night since I get to see 125 of the swaps and also get to chat about business ideas and hear about what other people are doing. Have a great day and go stamp something! Linda

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4 Responses to Founders Day 2 Make and Takes

  1. Debbi says:

    Love all the new samples, the new font they are using is great. I hope to see some of the “chalkboard type” fonts too. Thanks for sharing Linda, eat something delicious for me today!

  2. Lynn says:

    Really liking what I see!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love those scrapbooking layouts!

  4. Barbara Hollis says:

    Excited…they all look cool.

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