2013 Leadership PJ Party and Projects part 2

Brian Pilling is on stage for his first pj party lol

He is demonstrating projects from the sunshine & sprinkles suite as well as More Amore suite products. Both from the Spring catty available now 🙂


Cute fabric key chain

Another regional announced!


Wowza! Moving along faster than I can type!

Carrie Cudney on stage showing a fashion trend called Ikat


Parker’s Patterns (spring catalog suite)  was inspired by this trend.



Home decor and fashions using this trend




She used the crepe filters circles to create the faux feathers


This is a little mini album using a 12 x 12 piece of card stock.

*Stamping School members, there is a video on this in there from a few years back.

  It’s called Just For Fun folding mini album if you want to make one.


Another Spring  regional announcement! (Regionals are 1 day events by Stampin’ Up for demos and the public)


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11 Responses to 2013 Leadership PJ Party and Projects part 2

  1. elaineb @dslextreme.com says:

    enough already.

  2. Janice says:

    This is fun – enjoying !

  3. Marilyn Bilyeu says:

    am reading each day’s notes with excitement for you. Make me wish I was there, too, having sooooo much fun. Guess you will have to have it for all of us. can’t wait to see all your new ideas. copying cards I like to my card folder. HELP!!I’m starting to dream stampin Up card pics. LOL Keep having fun! Hugs Marilyn


  4. Wendie says:

    You said Baltimore was “one more regional announcement”, what were the others?! Thanks for your great updates.

  5. Wendie says:

    Oh, just found them! How did I miss them?!

    Dallas, Texas – February 16
    Calgary, Alberta – March 2
    St. Louis, Missouri – March 23
    Baltimore, Maryland – April 13

  6. Look down in the other posts!

  7. Sorry, Elaine. Maybe you should unsub if it bothers you that much to get updates.

  8. Enjoyed seeing the projects and all!

  9. Jackie T. says:

    Enjoying all the info, since was unable to be there! Thanks 😉

  10. Blair Moch says:

    Thanks for the excellent Leadership coverage! You are one of my fav bloggers for SU events!

  11. Thanks so much! Fun for me, too


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