2013 Stampin’ Up Leadership Day 2

Yawn! I’m feeling tired today after yesterday’s activities here at the conference. I’m also excited for what’s to come today!

I got a comment yesterday that said “enough already ” and just want to say that I only post this much during Stampin’ Up events 3x a year. I’ve blogged about events for almost 10 years to share a bit for those that can’t make it, my team and my customers who like to see ideas.
If I’m posting too much for your taste, Unsub for a few days πŸ™‚ then I’ll be back to my weekly posts.

Shelli is on stage this am demonstrating the Two For Tea Suite. She said it wasn’t her favorite at first and now she loves it! In the beginning of SU, there wasn’t coordinating suites. Now we have the stamps, paper, fabric and accessories designed around a theme or trend.










She highlighted the doilies, spritzing ink and the new border tape. Very vintage and so pretty! The fabric flower trim she dyed with a sponge dauber and an ink pad.
I’ll fill in more details for you when I get back to my computer later.


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43 Responses to 2013 Stampin’ Up Leadership Day 2

  1. Dee in NH says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share all of this with us! I love these little peeks at the action and all the fun and excitement!

  2. gail etchie says:

    I for one can not attend Leadership as I am saving all my pennies to go to convention. Hearing all you have to report, keeps my customers and I in the loop. Particulary love the idea of the Paper Punkin! Have fun and keep reporting! I appreciate all you do for the crafting world, you too Matt!

  3. c says:

    You are not posting to much! Keep it coming! Thanks for sharing! Have fun!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t stop! I am one of those LOVING all your posts, since I am not there! Thanks!

  5. Lisa Schmid says:

    Didn’t mean to be anonymous!

  6. Patricia Gessner says:

    I have been so pleased to see your posts….makes me feel almost like I am there (without the exhaustion) and that is a great thing!

  7. June Ferguson says:

    Hi Linda!
    I for one would like to say a BIG thank you for all your posts during SU! events! It is almost like being there in person for me! I can’t wait to see all the new projects you will be showcasing at Stamping School!
    June in KS

  8. Keep it coming!!! I am so appreciative of the pictures, the descriptions and all the information! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us “in the know”!!

  9. Jennifer Reynard says:

    Can’t imagine someone saying that!:( Love that you take the time to share what you do!!! Really enjoying the “show” so far! Will be anxiously waiting to see the new ideas that will “pop” up in Stamping School in the near future! Really appreciate all that you do! πŸ™‚ Jennifer, Calgary

  10. I don’t mind, always would rather have honesty and everyone has their right to their opinion. Thx for stopping by !


  11. Denise says:

    LOVE all the posts you are making, Linda! You give us a real “insiders” view. I may never attend any of the events you are but I feel I’m part of it by your posts. Keep up the fabulous work and please do keep posting! LOTS πŸ™‚

  12. Sandy Mott says:

    Please continue to post often! I love them and can’t get enough! Feels like I’m right there with you and Jan! Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this for those of us who couldn’t attend!

  13. Amy Kendall says:

    I LOVE all your post!!! I can’t be there, so you are the next best thing. Thank you for all you are giving us! Keep it up please!!!!

  14. cindys123 says:

    Not too many posts for me…Love all the new items and ideas…Keep the posts coming!

  15. Lorena Holmes says:

    I’m so glad is Saturday, I couldn’t attend leadership but will attend the after party tonight!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited, especially after seeing all the posting that you have done… LOVE IT!!!!! See you in a few hours Linda!

  16. Lynda Smith says:

    Love to get your posts, especially when you are at a convention! Love to see the new ideas! Keep them coming!!!!! :))

  17. dara says:

    love all the extra posts and filling us in especially since we cant be there. thanks for taking the time to do this.

  18. sherry says:

    I love all your extra posts since I couldn’t make it!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  19. Sandy says:

    Keep it coming…love all the ideas and inspiration! Such fun to watch.

  20. Jolene says:

    Thanks for all the posts. I guess I’m the opposite of the person saying “enough already” I’m saying “give me more!” It’s so nice that you do this, I’m bummed that I’m missing out this year.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Your posts rock! Keep up the good work for those of us who can’t be at some of these events. I really appreciate your details:)

  22. Cheryl McAskill says:

    You can’t please all the people all the time. Keep up the posts and don’t let one get you down.
    Thanks for sharing what some of us cannot afford to attend.
    This is so good to be able to see what is new and up and coming.

  23. No worries! I welcome all comments and opinions. Just explaining that if its annoying to some, might be a good vacation week lol


  24. April says:

    i didn’t know you can unsubscribe for a few days and resubscribe, intresting, But i am very grateful for your postings, I especially like to see the trouble Matt & senior Burnett get into!! Enjoy your time & looking fwd to a great SU year!!!

  25. Karen Lee says:

    I love all your posts. Keep em coming!! I think it’s great u take the time to photograph post and share the whole experience! Thank you

  26. Judy Dolan says:

    I love all you show us. It is appreciated!

  27. vdoyle8 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such great photos and info! I appreciate you taking the time to do it.

  28. becky says:

    Post. As much as you possibly can its like being there and getting all the info with out going thank you so much!

  29. Teresa Lockner says:

    Love your posts … Don’t stop’

    Sent from my iPhone

  30. Andra says:

    Hi Linda, I love your posts! Wish I was there with all of you, but I could not get the time off work. Such exciting news about things to come. Great projects too!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Did you get any shopping done? Any new rings?? πŸ˜‰

    From your “ring” friend,

  31. Kate says:

    Keep up with the posting!!! It is fantastic to hear all about this event when some f us can’t be there!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I always turn to your blog first, Linda, when there are events I can’t attend. Thank you for taking time from your busy day to keep us all informed. I am grateful for all of your posts. Have fun!!

  33. Lisa S> says:

    Got to say it’s GREAT getting the blow by blow of the events! Fantastic coverage. Thank you! Keep up the good work – thanks for being our eyes and ears. πŸ™‚

  34. Oh Linda, I love your post!! I can’t wait until the next one comes. So excited to see all the new things and techniques. Some day, hopefully, I can attend too. Keep them coming.
    Jeannette Kinney

  35. Mary says:

    I am so thankful,for your posts. There is no way to tell you how much I appreciate them. Thank you!

  36. barb hollis says:

    Looked for you this evening but you were hiding..No…lots and lots of women Enjoyed and Thanks and wow there sure was a lot of women there. Thanks for letting us know and we really made a day of it..

    Took in IKEA for a couple of hours and then out for dinner and got to the Conv.Center around 6 or so. Had good seats in the first balcony out of the swarm of people ..Avoiding the flu haha. Sorry still didn’t get the paper will try for tomorrow. …

    Don’t pay any attention to those that complained …all they need to do is hit delete. some people are never happy. …

    Nite Barb

  37. Laura Pertot says:

    Hi Linda,
    thanks so much for taking the time to share all your thoughts and photos after (or during!!) your busy convention days! I love seeing the sneak peeks and am definitely excited about the new products!!

  38. Willow says:

    I’m not even a demonstrator and I love hearing and seeing what’s going on. Thanks Linda.

  39. LindaBabe says:

    I can’t imagine saying “enough already”! This old lady says “I want more More MORE!”

  40. Tracy says:

    I appreciate when you post…especially as I did not go this year…I love how you make me feel like I can still be involved!!! Don’t stop reporting!!!

  41. I love your posts on leadership. Thankyou so much for doing it. And it’s never going to be enough for me. I’m in Australia so can’t attend, but I love seeing all the samples, and hearing all the news.

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