New Online Stamping Course by Stampin’ Up!

The Basics Linda

Online Stamping Class Now Available to Order

February 26, 2013

We ALL like extra ideas and inspiration and even I can’t get enough.  I buy stamping magazines, tutorials and online classes often.  Stampin’ Up decided to create an online class called THE BASICS.  I didn’t feel like I needed to learn the basics of stamping but I bought it anyway and it’s good!  Simple projects but lots of good tips and even a few videos.

It comes in Sections once you download it.  It is  $14.95 (item 133385)  at  to see it!

Section #1 is Stamping Basics. There are 7 basic projects and tips with instructions.

Section #2 if called Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and has 4 projects and 1 video for how to use this great tool for precise stamping.

Section #3 is called Masking, which is essential for any stamper to learn.  4 projects, 1 video

Section #4 is called Embossing.  Heat embossing and other kinds of embossing for 7 projects and 2 videos

Section #5 is all about Markers & Watercolor.  6 projects, 1 video

Section # 6 is Big Shot Basics and some punches, too.  6 projects, 2 videos.

I counted 34 projects, with recipes, and 7 videos so pretty nice for only $14.95 and a great resource to keep handy.

I think most stampers will learn a few tricks and it’s a must for beginner stampers!

This is a downloadable ‘class’ created by Stampin’ Up.  This class shares innovative ideas to get the most out of your supplies (from stamps to the Big Shot) with clever tips and techniques. Divided into six sections focused on a variety of topics, this class includes videos, step outs, and supply lists for 30+ projects.

Because you will be downloading it yourself, you must order in online yourself.  No CD will be mailed to you, just buy it (no tax and or shipping! ) and follow the instructions below.  I did it, so can you!

It is  $14.95 (item 133385)  Go to my online store at  to see it!

To Order online, you must sign in with your login/password and if it’s your first time, set up your account.

PC Instructions
The files will be downloaded as archive files that you can then extract and save on your computer. When you click on the download link, an extraction program will automatically launch. Choose the location where you would like to save the files (be sure to note where you save them). Follow the prompts on the extraction program, then navigate to the location where you saved the files. Click on the file and open.

Mac Instructions
When you click on the download link, the file will be mounted as a drive. Once it is mounted, open the drive and drag and drop the files to the location of your choice on your hard drive. The files can then be opened.

Call or email me if you have trouble downloading! Linda

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7 Responses to New Online Stamping Course by Stampin’ Up!

  1. huntjoys says:

    what is a step out?


  2. shari says:

    I think your stamping school is a much better deal! Love your videos.

  3. Thanks 🙂 It is but we always like more LOL

  4. Linda Henry says:

    Linda, just a note…I was glad to see on Your blog about the classes being offered, however, this mornings download had some problems and will be corrected in a couple days. I happen to go to the SU website and they put up an explaination. Thanks for the tip! Su Demo, Linda

  5. Yes, me too – that’s why I waited to post until it was completely ready. It’s working fine for my customers now


  6. Roxanne Fox says:


    Do I need MDS to use this?


    Sent from my iPad

  7. No you won’t – it’s just a zipped file. You will open using your own computer.


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