Swap it?

I’m playing around in the stamp room today for a bit.

Our Stampin’ Up annual convention in Utah is just a few weeks away and need to come up with a nice card but easy enough to make 100 of them!

What do you think of this one? Swappable?


I used Kinda Ecletic stamp set

and a Color Coach combo of Smoky Slate, Calypso Coral and Soft Sky :


(I love how that color coach makes me use combos I would not normally use)

So leave me a comment – yay or nay?



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42 Responses to Swap it?

  1. Pat(mspfd) says:

    Its gorgeous Linda. Definitely a yay! I think you just enabled me to buy the color coach.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Yes!

  3. Sandy Magin says:

    Soft and elegant. 😊

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  4. bahrch@embarqmail.com says:

    Love the colors and really like the card, see what you mean about coming up with that color contrast on your own. Anxious to see if any body disagrees. . Lov Barb

  5. Rose says:

    Beautiful card! I hope I see you and get to swap with you (I would love to meet you!)

  6. Thanks, Rose! We can keep an eye our for our nametags 🙂

  7. Thanks, Pat! It does help to keep me fresh and try new combos

  8. Sherry Lowmaster says:

    yay!! definitely!! it is gorgeous!!

  9. thanks! Good to know I’m on the right track:)

  10. Wilma Denton says:

    I really like it and I too use the color coach to make me think “out of the box”. It is easy to get in a rut.

  11. Betsy says:

    Love the card layout and design but the Smokey Slate is not saying “Celebrate” for me so the color is not matching the message. The card message makes me think of happy, party colors.

  12. ah, good point. I could change the sentiment to something less celebratory!

  13. Carole M says:

    Love it!

  14. LAURIE DOHERTY says:


    This reminded me of what I wanted to ask you when I was at the last card class.

    With my job, I create job aids. A long time ago I created a tent card, which was not used. It was made of white card stock, 5.5×8.5 inches. Half of the card had a message on it (the job aid part) and the other half did not, which is where I’m going with this, you could use the half that is blank. Do you think you would like them, to use for your card swaps? I have so many of them, about 100.

    Let me know and I’ll bring them to you.

    Hope you are having a great time in MN.


  15. Christine Veit-James says:


    Christine Veit-James Please excuse any auto corrections – Sent from my iPhone


  16. a big yay!

  17. Kathy Toms says:

    I definitely wouldn’t have thought of that color combination either but it works. A big yay from me too!

  18. Sarah says:

    I like it Linda! I would definitely use a strip of some contrast on the inside unless you are only doing “fronts”.

  19. Just fronts at convention. Thx for your comment!


  20. Keron Kerr says:

    Linda I love the card. Go for it.

  21. Melody Smith says:

    Yay! Oh, yeah….definitely a big YAY!!

  22. Audrey Lamarche says:

    Love it

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  23. nancy says:

    Like the card. Make them they will love it.

  24. Mary says:

    A great big YES…definitely swappable! Love it.

  25. Deb Bennett says:

    I like it but what about instead of bordering it with white how about calypso coral. I think that would really pop it. Either way it is gorgeous. Good job.

  26. Ruth Ann Vincent says:

    Elegant, I like the Smokey Slate and bling! Enjoy the Convention, miss all the Stamp Camps.

  27. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    It’s a keeper for sure!

  28. Pam Cammerata says:

    I really like the card! Love the colors. I have to get a new color coach. Mine is really old but can still serve a purpose. Wish I could help you put the cards together!

  29. Susan says:

    Love the color combo. I would sure want to swap for one of your cards!

  30. Debbie J says:

    I like it. Definitely swappable.

  31. Thanks, Debbie!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Like a little more “pop” on the card, but pretty

  33. Pat says:

    Most definitely YAY! Love the color combo.

  34. tammy fletcher says:

    LOve, the color coach….I tell everyone how much they need it….wonderful job on the card

  35. Teresa Lockner says:

    Beautiful card. I love my Color Coach! I do agree with Deb Bennett…. I’d use calypso to border it too. Would “pop” it more. : )

  36. I agree ! I tried it and it was blah, not much contrast. The white pops the gray.


  37. It is beautiful and swap worthy.

  38. Mary Havlovic says:

    Nice Card! Hope I run into you at Convention to swap cards with you! l

  39. Arlene Rashy says:

    Yay from me for a guy card. I would “celebrate” with brighter butterflies for the girls.

  40. LindaBabe says:

    Yay. I like subtle. It’s not so “contrasty” it demands attention.

  41. Thanks!


  42. Nurse Melanie says:

    Definately swap it!! I do think the calypso coral back would be a bit brighter but it really swap-able now!

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