Happy Snail Mail 

It’s a great workout walking down the driveway, which is pretty steep, to get the mail here at our new place North Carolina. The walk up gives me quite a burn but it’s all worth it when I open my mailbox and see all these beautiful cards from friends:


Lots of you have asked me to post more pics of my new stamp room.  Well…..

It’s a mess!  We’ve only been here about 5 days so I’m trying not to get wigged out about it!   I leave for the Stampin’ Up Incentive trip in Hawaii in 2 days so most will have to wait!  I had to do 26 cards for the Hawaii swap and I had to rummage thru boxes to find my dimensionals, then my stylus, then my cutter….I thought I was SO organized when I packed!

More later!


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6 Responses to Happy Snail Mail 

  1. Carla says:

    Your room looks like it is rally big. Know you have been working hard enjoy your relaxing trip to the Big island

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the color of your room. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take it easy and enjoy your trip!!!

  3. smlogan55@aol.com says:

    Bet you are anxious to get your room up and running again. So what is your address????? Have a great time in Hawaii. Had a good stamping class at Susie’s tonight. Have our Wed class this next week. Saw some of the new products. Some I like others no way. Is there anything I need to do to sign up for the June class when you come back to Orlando? I have a friend that wants to come also. Hugs, Sheila

  4. sonny peterson says:

    Welcome to North Carolina ! You are gonna love the weather !
    Also I must say that the cards you are showing are fantastic ! Such creative people ….gave me some good ideas !!

    Can`t wait to see that new stamping haven when you get it like you want it !

    Have a great trip !

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