Before I get too far, just a quick reminder that the Retiring Stamps and accessories will be ending soon! Be sure to check the list  to see if there is something you need before it’s gone.

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More pretty cards in my mail box today!  Receiving all these wonderful sentiments has renewed my passion for sending cards.  Take time to make someone’s day today and mail one or two! These sure brightened my day:


The house is starting to come together and feel more like home. I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I got what I asked for-more nature!  The neighbors told me to bring in my bird feeders at night because the bears like the seed.  I didn’t, however, bring in the hummingbird feeder on the 2nd floor open porch….

I woke up to a mess from a raccoon (or raccoons), who tore it apart and then had the nerve to piddle all over the porch. Welcome to NC 🙂  At least I gave them a good treat! Lesson learned.

These 2 pics were not taken by me but apparently Google already knows that raccoons AND bears like hummingbird feeders!

racoon feeder bear feeder


 2015-2017 In Color Bookmark


I meant to post the template for my In Color bookmarks the other day and forgot! This is just word document I created years ago and I just change the names each year.  Those of you getting a catalog in the mail from me, you will get a stamped bookmark already:)

I print on white card stock, cut in landscape position to 2″ x 8-1/2″, so I get 5 to a sheet.  That leaves room to punch the top and add a stamped image and a punched sample of card stock.

Click HERE to download


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I’m up in the air…literally!  As I type this up, Matt and I are flying from Charlotte to Dallas, then from Dallas on to Honolulu for the Stampin’ Up Incentive trip!  I only have 30 minutes of internet time to blog this today so I’m posting one photo for the weekly deals and you can click over to see them in full size and descriptions!

wd may 12

I’ll be sharing daily trip pics and stamping ideas I see there so check back tomorrow!

Go Stamp Something,


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