Thank you for all the nice notes, cards and emails I have received since we moved.  It’s made the transition much easier!  Here are a few more that accumulated in my mailbox while I was in Hawaii:


From Connie (left) and Pat (right)


Cathy and Sue

Look at the cute one below with my house number on it?

From Ruth (left) and Toni (right)


And now for a bit of non-stamping related news….

I’ve been experiencing new species of everything here in North Carolina since I moved here a few weeks ago.

This amazing moth was on our garage door for about 24 hours:

It’s called a Luna Moth, and it’s one of the world’s largest moths. This one was almost 4″ across!   Sadly they are only live 3 days to week once they have wings and can reproduce.  Look at the antennae!  The underside body is white and furry (yes, he let me lift up his wing to see:)  I wonder what I’ll get to see today outside. It’s been a fun week of new critters including a salamander and a Carolina wolf spider.

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