Linda’s Stamparatus 101 Videos

Today is the day!

Back in November, I was super lucky to get this cool tool early so we could do a demonstration with it at the Stampin’ Up On Stage event in Utah for demonstrators.  I did 3 sessions in the afternoon and my demo friend Sharon Armstrong did 3 sessions in the morning along with Jessica from the home office.  We had a lot of fun playing with it, learning some tricks along the way and putting it to the test!

Today, demonstrators who participated in a program over the last few years to develop the Stamparatus can order it early and some will have it by tomorrow!

So I officially have permission from SU to share my own videos with you!  

Here are 6 quick videos that I call  my Stamparatus 101 Series since I’m highlighting some tips and tricks I found while using it!

Stamparatus 4 Step Stamping

This is what it is made to do….stamp, flip, stamp, flip….using all 4 surfaces on the 2 plates!


Stamparatus Die Cut Stamping

This is probably my favorite time-saver!  I call them ‘blanks’ and so much faster to stamp on your die cuts without running to the big shot every time!


Stamparatus Hinge Stamping

SO fun and just think of all the ombre and border designs we can use with this fun technique!


Stamparatus Alignment Tips and Tricks

Report covers, clear plastic cutting boards, acetate sheets…anything clear and plastic that you can wipe off works well while getting the perfect placement!


Stamparatus Perfectly Stamped Sentiments

Those itty bitty teeny weeny greetings were the worst for me!  Now I can get the darn near perfect if not perfect every time!



Stamparatus Inking Cleaning Storing

Love those stampin’ spots to use with the Stamparatus!  We have some colors that will be available in the new Occasions Catalog but I like to make my own with our ink refills.  Pack of 5 for $9.  Item #141822

Here are the miracle towels I use that I mentioned in the video.  To me, they are practically the same. Thank you Lydia Fiedler, who recommended the Absorber to me years ago!  Both are available on Amazon and will link there if you click on the photo.  They are BIG and I cut them down.  I just use water with them and rinse them out after I’m done stamping.


 How to get a Stamparatus for delivery in March:

Reserve one HERE!

SU is requiring a credit card to reserve but it will not be charged until it ships.

(note: To reserve one for yourself, you will need to create a Stampin’ Up account with a login if you haven’t created one before. There will be a page to choose your demonstrator. If you want me as your demo, look for Linda Heller in NC. I will come up for Hendersonville, NC.)

Click HERE to see a PDF of what the screens will look like when you reserve your spot.

 The reservation window will remain open from December 5–30 with no inventory limits!

 Beginning March 19 – March 31st,  they will ship your Stamparatus in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in our warehouse.

 One reservation per customer and one per demonstrator.

 This is the last chance to reserve a Stamparatus before it becomes available in the 2018-2019 annual catalog in June 2018

 Here is a an introduction video by the home office so you can see how it works and all the features/benefits. The cost of the tool will be $49 (US) and as you can see from the video, it really helps with perfect alignment or if you are stamping multiples!


New items on the Clearance Rack!  I like to sort < lowest prices first – lots of great deals!   Click HERE to view

Receive a sparkly goody bag from me with any orders over $40!

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25 Responses to Linda’s Stamparatus 101 Videos

  1. Sieber, Stella (NIH/NIEHS) [E] says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for the great videos chocked full of terrific tips. I have a Stamparatus reserved, and look forward to using it! I will order an Absorber after the holidays. What size do you cut to use?

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! Stella Sieber Durham, NC

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  2. Catherine Steele says:

    Hi Linda! Thank you so much for sharing all the tips and tricks! I can’t wait for my Stamparatus to arrive. You did an awesome job demonstrating at OnStage, too!

  3. Lisa Ingersoll says:

    Linda! Thanks for your tips! I am even more excited to get my Stamparatus now! And you gave me some great ways to use it! I would have never thought of the die cut one.

  4. Diane Ouellette says:

    Great…so helpful. Thanks!

  5. Jayme Ziemer says:

    Linda, these tips are genius! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, I bet seasoned stampers are having a few ‘a-ha’ moments after watching!

  6. cottage5038 says:

    Great videos Linda!!!! Thanks! Claire

  7. Waneeta Fawn Loomis says:

    Thanks Linda for all the little video’s. Wasn’t sure I needed this tool but now I see it will help alot with lining up my recipe pages I do. Thanks for all the tips. Looks like a great SU tool.

  8. JoLene Harmon says:

    Hi Linda, Thanks so much for your great videos. Really enjoyed the die cut tips. So many ideas to play with when I get my Stamparatus. I’m sure by the time I get mine you & others will have discovered many more tips & tricks. I do have a question about the price. I’m figuring my budget for Feb, when I get my Stamparatus. As a demonstrator, is this a product that I receive the discount from? Or is it considered a business supply. I appreciate your time, thanks for your help & the great tips. JoLene

  9. Linda Heller says:

    Hi Jolene! Yes you will get your base discount of 20% (and up based on your sales that month) and sale a bration freebies apply also.


  10. Nancy Parris says:

    Linda, Thank you for the information about the Stamparatus. I can’t wait to get mine in February so that I can start playing with it. I know that by sharing these tips with customers, everyone will want to purchase one. It really does more than the Misti, which I bought just before I found out about the Stamparatus. Thanks, again, for all that you do for us..

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic tips. Thank you Linda.

  12. Phyllis Walker says:

    Fantastic tips. Thank you Linda.

  13. VickiB says:

    Great videos with some great tips for stamp positioners! Those magnets can be pesky – try wrapping a piece of washi tape around each magnet with enough left over to form a little tab. This will give you something to grab onto to slide the magnets apart.

  14. krisandjimfrank says:

    What a wealth of information! Thank you so much!

  15. Roz est says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips Linda. Will be very helpful when my Stamparatus arrives.

  16. Lou Kitzelman says:

    Wow Linda. Amazing videos. Thank you so much for being so generous with them. I can’t wait to get mine!

  17. Linda Heller says:

    Thank you for the nice comment!

  18. Irene Boesen says:

    Wow, these are amazing!!! I hope I never loose these videos. Thank you so much for sharing with us all these valuable tools to use! I can’t wait to get my Stamparatus…

  19. Stampin' Pretty says:

    You are my hero today! Watched all your videos and can’t wait for my Stamparatus to arrive. Ordered my cloth via your Amazon link and will get SU spots on my next order. Sharing the videos with my Pals community – a must see!

  20. Carolyn Rice says:

    Thank you, Linda, for your series of videos! I always learn something from you!!

  21. Linda Heller says:

    Thanks, Mary! I really love this thing 🙂

  22. Monique says:

    Such great vids Linda. Number 2 with the framelits is a game changer!!!

  23. Cherlene Artman says:

    Great videos! I have a Misti but am looking forward to the enhancements of the Stamparatus. I too use the Absorber chamois. It has helped a lot as I have one person who gets headaches/sick from the SU stamp cleaner.

  24. Kathie Nielsen says:

    What awesome videos and super tips!! Can’t wait to get mine. I preordered on the first day!
    Thank you for sharing those! I already forwarded to some demo friends!

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