Clear Treat Boxes….


I loved making these treat boxes!  These took a little longer with the die cutting and a little stamping but it’s a fun gift to give.  Stampin’ Up sells these Clear Tiny Treat Boxes, 2″ square sized and just right for favors, treats or any little thing you can stuff in there.


Food safe, acid free and 16 to a pack for 7.50.  Item # 141699


Here’s the top of my box, and one side below



I filled with candy corn and stamped the witch on the other side.


I used the Spooky fun bundle


and wrapped the box in the Halloween Night paper, using the brick pattern.


Here are a few more ideas by Stampin’ Up using the clear 2×2 boxes :

clear-box-2-su clear-box-3-su clear-box-1-su

If you would like to make up some of these boxes, try to order by  the end of this week to allow a week ship time and also time for you to make them!

Go Stamp Something,



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2 Responses to Clear Treat Boxes….

  1. Great ideas for those boxes!

  2. patti moffett says:

    thanks for sharing Matt’s first technique card video It is timelessly hysterical I have it save so I can watch again and again…he must be so much fun

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